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When I was a young teenager my dad was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I watched my superhero dad who played whale in the pool, threw softballs, shot basketballs with us, took us hiking and canoeing ssslllooowwww down and trip over his own feet. What happens to your health when you watch a loved one begin to deteriorate? I learned to internalize my feelings and stress.

In 2004 I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease, Ulcerative Colitis. For a time, I was in and out of hospitals and doctor’s offices and the results were:

*weight gain                                 *heavy medications and steroid use

*scarring                                       *high stress

*unhealthy weight loss                *self-esteem issues


I was prescribed medications and steroids. My weight and appetite fluctuated. I fell into a deep depression and wondered what the heck was going to happen to me and my body. Would I be able to take care of myself, hold a job, meet a romantic partner? When I found a medicine that kept my symptoms at bay my depression got so bad I medicated with food and alcohol.


I finally reached a point of ENOUGH. I didn’t want to always have stomach pains, be embarrassed about my weight and wallow in depression any longer. No doctor gave me ideas for a lifestyle change, they only gave me medicines for symptoms. I had to figure this out on my own.

No matter how stuck you are feeling right now, I will believe in you and together we will face challenges and celebrations

Are you exhausted and stressed-out? You've tried the diets, the boot camps but as soon as they are over, you bounce back to old habits. You're busy as it is and trying ANOTHER fad diet is just too much. 

Let's have a conversation to see if my 90 day Health Transformation program is a fit for you. Feel free to call or email me! I look forward to talking with you soon!

It's time to get to the root of the problem. If you have weeds in your garden you don't just chop off the head, it grows back. You pull the weeds from its roots. Our root is what's going on in our mind. What we THINK determines how we FEEL which determines how we TAKE ACTION. 

As your coach in my 90 day health transformation program you'll get the right SYSTEM, the right SUPPORT and the right ACCOUNTABILITY.

The right SYSTEM means the right steps in the right order. The right SUPPORT means someone to help encourage you when you're feeling stuck. The right ACCOUNTABILITY is a kick in the @$$ when you're falling off track. Most of us know what to do: how to eat, what to eat, that movement sleep, and self-care are important, we just don't do it or don't know how to implement it and make it stick.

Together we set up the conditions for success so follow-through happens. We will create awareness and new habits around how you eat, your emotions, stress, sleep and your commitment to yourself. We create long-term, tangible goals. By the end you will have grabbed life by the horns, stepped into your personal power and be unapologetically you!

This program is customized to you and we will find what best serves you and gives you the most energy. We create these new habits out of consciousness and pleasure so they stick with you for life. 

What you have been doing or what you have been putting off hasn't been working, you know this. That's why you are looking for something different. I would love to talk with you if you are truly inspired to make a change. To step back from your current habits, to try something new. Maybe even something that feels out of the box for you

Let's have a conversation to see if my 90 day Health Transformation program is a fit for you. Feel free to call or email me! I look forward to talking with you soon!

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Meet Rachel

To take my power back I had learned to power and importance that food is medicine, that stress management and self-love are vital. That lifestyle choices impact everything.


After all of my research and implementation of what I had learned I went for my follow up colonoscopy in mid-2019. The results were astronomical!!! My doctor announced “I have a pristine colon with no signs of inflammation.” He said if he didn’t know my medical history he would never think I was diagnosed in the first place. My goodness what an amazing and relieving feeling.

​Because of my incredible family that supports me in any dream, and I’ve chosen to surround myself with positive people, I have been successful in my endeavors. In my career-life I have been a healthcare consultant from the inside-out. I have volunteered at animal shelters and mentor young women. Now, in following my passion I want to help more individuals live healthier, happier lives.

I have been studying, listening and reading about sleep, stress, disease states, healthy eating and exercise for years, I am a certified coach and have curated information and strategies for habit change to share with you. In order to make change in your life it all begins in the mind. I found my intuition, I practice mindfulness and consciousness. I can help you become aware of why you do the things you do and what you REALLY want. We will not separate the mind from the body, we create true HEALING by working with both. This is how we begin to move forward and to create new synapses in the brain that leads to long-term REAL change.

It’s taken a while and a lot of practice for me but I have learned to believe in and trust myself. No matter how stuck you are feeling right now, I will believe in you and together we will face challenges and celebrations. Let's talk and see if Vibrant Life Coaching, myself and you are a fit.

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