"I am sleeping better, eating better, I am so much happier and people are noticing. Rachel, this is your calling. You were made for this."

"This is the way to lose weight- get your mind right and then you can get healthy for life."

"Working with you I have found my voice. I'm using all the tools to motivate myself in very aspect of my life. I've made conscious efforts to set up the conditions to be successful in communication, eating and sleeping better. I love focusing on what I get to have and not what I don't"

"By session four I saw huge changes! I felt different, I was acting different, I had more energy and was following through! And I still am!!"

"When we started I had a bunch of 'flat tires.' I feel like we have been mending all of them. I feel balanced, finally."

"The most important lessons I have learned about myself going through this program is that I am far stronger and more capable than I ever imagined. It's ok to make yourself a priority and not beat yourself up when you fall- you just don't let it drag you down or stop your progress."

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